Recording Equipment Rental

The Package:

Reocrding Equipment Rental

IntroductoryOffer only €20!

The Equipment:

Zoom R16 8-Track Recorder

Behringer XM8500 Microphone

Microphone Stand, XLR lead and Guitar lead

The Details:

This package is ideal for acoustic musicans and singer/songwriters who wish to record great quality demo's and songs with the aim to upload to websites such as Soundcloud and Facebook.

Get your name out there by sharing great quality recordings!

Avoid expensive studio fees by simply renting the equipment and recording at home. This equipment is simple and straightforward to use. You will be shown how to operate it upon renting and a user manual will be provided.

After recording you will be given the sound files. There will be an individual file for each recorded track e.g. a vocal track and a guitar track. You can then mix these audio files. A sound engineer is available to mix levels and EQ each track at an additional cost.

Additional microphones, leads and stands are available for recording multiple instruments and artists.

Below is an example of three songs recorded using this package.

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