Actor Showreel

A young actor attending a casting must make themselves memorable! At Harker Media, I offer a great service for actors wishing to create a professional showreel.

All showreels will be individually tailored so content will vary from one to another.

A 1 - 2 minute showreel including :

A direct to camera black box monologue (Recorded by Harker Media)

Showcase of other relevant skills (eg singing/dancing/stage combatect)

Footage of a live performance (If you have an upcoming show I may film it)

Archive Footage (If you already have footage of yourself acting/performing I may include this depending on the quality and clearance of permissions)

This will then be edited together by us into a fantastic showreel which can then be given out at castings, auditions and interviews.

What you receive :

A 1 - 2 minute professionally recorded and edited showreel.

5 printed and playable DVD’s containing your showreel ready to hand out (More available upon request). The DVD label will contain your headshot, name and contact number and email.

The digital file, optimized and ready to upload online. It can also be used to burn DVD copies.

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